beautiful faces

In this series I explore and challenge the perception of beauty.

Judgments are made quickly and may even be unavoidable. Is it even possible to look without judgment? Are not our imprints so deeply ingrained that we have difficulty contemplating another human being without specific thoughts?

Do television, social media, magazines really reflect the diversity of humanity? To what extent have we been indoctrinated with ideas of what true beauty should look like?

With these portraits I offer a mirror. A mirror that challenges you to question your thoughts and (re)define beauty. It’s not a hard mirror. It’s a gentle invitation.

By choosing a simple composition and lighting I give space to let the theme speak. It is important to me that the person being portrayed is seen first, the facial difference only afterwards.

The subjects, or in the case of young children their parent, wrote a text about themselves and their appearance. They are stories of the heart. Stories that touch and move.

The structure of this series is simple in nature. The depth is in the transference and the inner processes that this brings about.

You can read the personal texts of the participants in the project book.